Uncategorized July 20, 2021

One word for you: Pipes.













Today, we’ll highlight why you need to check the pipes of the home you’re intending to buy.

Depending on the age of a home and the material, the pipes that serve the home may be outdated and require replacement. Old pipes that have deteriorated may start to leak or burst, leading to water damage and even unsanitary health hazards. The most common culprit is galvanized steel piping, which was commonly used in homes built prior to 1960 for water supply lines, and have an average lifespan of 40 years. Copper pipes have been the standard for residential home use since the 1960s and have a lifespan that can reach beyond 50 years.

When considering a home, especially one that is at least 30 years old, or built before the 1960s, you should review the disclosures (especially any home inspection report) and any permit information to see if there are any outdated piping or history of leaks and if the plumbing has been replaced or updated at any time.